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Just a Stereotypical baby daddy tryna make it as a FATHER HOOD FIGGA in this Stereo world under the supreme reign of the benevolent 👑Submissivetammy. ||| You gotta fight JuicyBubbles for the 💍, CCJackson handles my finances, PrototypeA entertains me & Imyouraddiction is my pusha ||| LoyaltyOVERLove any day. $TIPS4DAD benefit my 🌞 ||| Few show 💘 to me but I make the time & expenses to show mine. ||| I pay $73/month to Stereo in subscriptions. Whats your Stereo bill?
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ŞŤ𝑒𝕣𝑒O 𝐒ỮⓅέℝ 𝔥єŘ𝐎 ⅋ 𝐕ίⓛĻΔᶤN Sђ𝐨Ŵ
 ɘqʏƚoɘɿɘƚƧ, 𝙎𝘾𝙊𝙏𝙏𝙔 & 4 more

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