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Hello... I'm Legendz.... Lyricist and Musician......Welcome to Boston! ....Let's catch up..... Love Y'all! Cash app: $JMichael1126 #comedy #music #opentalk #news
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Jun 25, 9:30 PM
Birthday Traffic Jam with Benny and Legendz🎂🎉
Traffic Jam with Benny and Legendz 🚧🚫🚦🪧🚦🚧
22 01:31:01
Lisa-ing with Lisa, Lisa and Lisa’s dad
54 01:30:14
Open Talk
80 04:57:51
Benny and Monroe alive and kickn’
72 01:20:54
Open Talk
5 57:39
Open Talk
1 03:34
Massage Therapy
70 01:30:16

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