Stereo is the premier LIVE broadcast social platform that enables people to have and discover real conversations in real time.

Stereo is the only platform that allows celebrities, musicians, artists, politicians and educators to build a more intimate relationship with their fan base by engaging them in real, down-to-earth conversation.

Stereo combats loneliness; provides a platform for debate and education; a destination for entertainment and fun; a vehicle to advance purpose and cause related campaigning; a catalyst to connect instantly and engage with your fan base; an opportunity to expand your network of friends and followers.

Stereo users can engage with the platform to listen-in, seek-out topics, and join conversations about issues and ideas that interest them. Stereo’s search feature allows you to filter through topics/genres/conversations or personalities that you are interested in. There are thousands of live talk shows on a variety of genres including news, comedy and sports and users are free to choose whether to be a host, guest or simply to listen in on exclusive conversations.

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Recursos e Ferramentas

Avatares Stereo

O uso de avatares animados ao invés de fotos ou vídeos torna o Stereo um lugar seguro para discussões e troca de opiniões, livre de estereótipos baseados em aparência. O criador do avatar permite que os usuários do Stereo criem uma marca pessoal altamente personalizável sem comprometer sua privacidade.

Interactive listening

Constant interaction with a live audience is an essential part of every show on the platform, a Stereo listener can send instant audio messages or even join the show as a guest speaker.

Conversation partner matching

The users that are struggling to find a guest or co-host for an upcoming live show are still covered by the Stereo matching algorithm which automatically finds the best conversation partner based on interests and listening history.

Upcoming talks scheduling

Similarly to TV or live radio programming Stereo users can plan and promote their shows in advance, providing the topic and a time for their upcoming live talk.

Discover live and recorded talks

Just like the other popular social media apps (e.g. Instagram, TikTok), Stereo implemented a discover page where you can easily find a live or recorded show by category, hashtag or username.

Integração de Podcasting

Stereo é uma plataforma de criação de podcast de ciclo completo, incluindo gravação, hospedagem e integração com todos os diretórios de podcast mais populares como iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher e outros.


Stereo is a public platform, therefore we give our listeners the ability to report users who they feel are discussing inappropriate or offensive topics as well as the ability to block profiles that they no longer want to be in contact with. We have a team of moderators who ensure Stereo Shows are free from hate speech and offensive content. We also work with local authorities to ensure our platform is safe for our users.

Lançamento inicial: 27 de Agosto, 2020
Sistema operacional: iOS, Android