Podcaster Sponsorship Program Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 21 October 2020

The following terms and conditions (the "Podcaster Sponsorship Terms") apply to and govern the Stereo Podcaster Sponsorship Program (the "Program"), in which you (referred to in this Agreement as "you" or "Podcaster"), as a talented podcaster and performing artist, have been invited to participate.

Please take the time to read these Podcaster Sponsorship Terms carefully, as they constitute a legally binding agreement (the "Agreement") between you and Stereo App Limited, a company incorporated in the United Kingdom under company number 12431683 and located at 1 Dover Place 5th Floor, Ashford Commercial Quarter, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1FB, United Kingdom. Stereo App Limited is a member of the Stereo Group which operates Stereo and which is referred to in this Agreement as "Stereo", "we", "us" or "our".

1. Stereo Terms of Service

As an existing user of the Stereo App, you will have accepted the Stereo Terms of Service (the "Terms of Service") upon joining. The Terms of Service are fully incorporated herein and, in the event of any inconsistency between the Terms of Service and these Podcaster Sponsorship Terms, these Podcaster Sponsorship Terms shall prevail.

2. Your Participation

How you participate in the Program is up to you. You can host as many conversations on Stereo App as you choose, at the time of your choice, with the guest of your choosing. The content is up to you. All we ask is that you - quite organically - refer to Stereo at least 10 times in each of your conversations - in case helpful, we provide some examples that you might like in the box below. Then we invite you to download your content, and to share it (edited as you may choose) on your podcast platforms.

During the Stereo Live

  • We are live on Stereo – podcasting directly to the people
  • We are recording this live on Stereo!
  • If you're just tuning in, we are live – coast to coast – on Stereo
  • Follow me and don't miss my next show, every day at 8 PM live here on Stereo!
  • Don't sit silently, talk to me live here on Stereo!
  • Find my last episode with @someone on my Stereo profile!
  • Tap on "Join Live" in my Stereo profile to be the next in line to talk to me!
  • Follow my guest @someone, he's/she's one of the most entertaining people on Stereo!
  • Which guest should I have on my next Stereo show? Send me an audio message here on Stereo
  • It's always raw and uncensored here on Stereo


  • Now let's hit some of these messages from the Stereo listeners
  • Now it's your turn to speak freely. Leave us a voice message and join our Stereo podcast

Outside Stereo

  • This podcast is being recorded on Stereo. Just download the Stereo app if you want to talk to me directly
  • This is [YOUR NAME] and you are listening to the [NAME OF PODCAST] recorded live on Stereo

3. Compensation

3.1 In return, for each podcast download of your Stereo conversations within one month of you first making the podcast available for download on your podcast platforms, we will pay you 25 US cents. We will do this for each of your first four Stereo conversations which an hour long and made available for download on your podcast platforms after you enter the Program.

3.2 Upon you providing us with a screenshot (or other reasonably acceptable evidence) of the true number of your applicable downloads, we will arrange for payment to be made available to you within seven days. Please send your download stats to podcasters@stereo.com.

3.3 You will understand that we reserve the right to challenge any download stats you provide and require further evidence, should we reasonable suspect any bad faith or manipulation in the numbers.

4. Disclosure Obligations

4.1 When sharing the content you create on Stereo on other podcast platforms you must ensure that you disclose your relationship with Stereo in accordance with the Advertising Rules. For the purposes of these Podcaster Sponsorship Terms, the Advertising Rules mean Section 5 of the FTC Act (15 U.S.C. 45), the UK Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing and any other applicable law or guidance on the disclosure of advertising and endorsements.

4.2 To avoid misleading users of the podcast platform you must: (i) label your content as created by "[your name], Stereo Creator". This information must be visible upfront before the user engages with the podcast content; (ii) include in the podcast description the statement "This podcast is brought to you by Stereo"; and (iii) include at the beginning and end of the Stereo live the statement "This podcast is brought to you by Stereo".

5. Stereo Leaderboard

While not part of the Program, all users on Stereo are currently eligible to earn money based on a leaderboard ranking which, at present, awards cash amounts (eg. US$10,000) per week to top performers. These weekly payouts, which are open to all Podcasters as well, are earned based on the total listening time a user has achieved each week. Keep in mind, the total listening time is based on the total amount of time spent by each individual user listening to your Stereo. The larger your following, the more listeners you'll have per conversation, and the higher the total listening time attributable to your profile.

6. Cashing Out

Podcasters will be able to monitor their earnings and, subject to the limits imposed from time to time by the app's payment provider, cash out on the app directly from their profile. Any amounts Podcasters may wish to withdraw in excess of the app limits may be requested by wire transfer no more than once per week from the company – please contact your designated Stereo team member to arrange.

7. Term, Termination and Variation

7.1. Term

A Podcaster's participation in the Program shall subsist from the date of first acceptance by the Podcaster of these Podcaster Sponsorship Terms, until terminated in accordance with the following paragraph.

7.2. Termination

While Stereo intends that the Program will be an ongoing success, Stereo may terminate any Podcaster's participation in the Program for any reason, at any time, and at the full discretion of Stereo. Any such termination by Stereo will be effective upon written notification by email to the usual email address of the Podcaster as used in their communications with Stereo. Likewise, should they so wish, any Podcaster may terminate their participation in the Program for any reason, at any time, and at their full discretion. Any such termination by the Podcaster will be effective upon written notification by email to podcasters@stereo.com. The Podcaster's rights to earnings up to the time of termination, in each case, will be preserved and paid out. All existing rights of both Stereo and the Podcaster will be preserved upon termination, in each case.

7.3. Variation

Stereo reserves the right to alter or change any terms of the Program, or to withdraw the Program, at any time. Any such alterations, changes or withdrawal will be notified in writing, by email as above, promptly by Stereo to the Podcasters, and any such alterations, changes or withdrawal shall become effective upon such written notification. Again, the Podcaster's earnings up to the time of any such alteration, change or withdrawal will be preserved and paid out, and all existing rights of both Stereo and the Podcaster will be preserved upon any such alteration, change or withdrawal.

8. Entire Agreement

These Podcaster Sponsorship Terms, together with the Stereo Terms of Service incorporated herein, represent the whole and only agreement between Stereo and you in relation to the Program, and supersede and replace any previous agreement (whether written or oral) between Stereo and you.

9. Governing law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law, whose courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear and settle any disputes or claims (including non-contractual disputes or claims.