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February 18, 2022

Stereo 101

Welcome to Stereo: the social audio app where you can talk to new people anytime, anywhere. 

If you’ve been a part of the Stereo community for a while, you’ve probably noticed some changes within the app and beyond. We appreciate your patience! Our team is always working to improve Stereo by testing new experiences for voices around the world.

If you’re new here: welcome! We’re glad to have you. 

Now – let’s talk about Stereo’s core features and how to make the most of them: 


On Stereo, it’s all about connecting through conversation. We want voices to come first, which is why people speak through their avatars. There’s no need to worry about your appearance; you can reflect who you are right now, change up your look to represent how you want to be seen, or create a brand new persona.

When you create your Stereo account, you’ll see all the different ways you can customize your avatar. If you want to update your look, you can at any time by visiting the profile symbol at the bottom right corner of the home screen. Once you are on your profile page, just tap on your avatar to make changes. You can customize features such as hair style, nose, eyes, facial hair, accessories and more.

We’re constantly adding new features and options, so keep checking and changing your look!


Talks are where Stereo comes to life. 

When you open the app, we show you all the talks happening right now so that you can join in. You’ll see the name of the talk, the conversation category as well as some of the people participating. You can join by tapping on the talk, request to talk and send audio messages to those leading the conversation. 

Interested in starting your own talk? Here’s how it works: 

  • Tap Stereo’s logo at the bottom center of your screen or select “Start a talk” at the of your screen 
  • Choose what you’d like to talk about and add a link to help others better understand the topic of conversation
  • Review and confirm you understand our guidelines by tapping “I got it” 
  • Add additional co-hosts if you’d like or wait for Stereo to suggest someone new to chat with


You can find the talks or people you’re looking for by searching on Stereo.

Just tap the search bar at the top of your screen and start typing. You can specify whether you’re looking for people or talks, and even view your search history here. Not sure where to start? Browse by topic – like Comedy, Sports or Music.


When you’re looking to keep up with people without jumping into a talk, just visit the messaging tab by tapping the chat bubble icon at the bottom of your screen. 

From here, you can communicate via text or audio message. 

Please note that, right now, you can only message when you’re not participating in a talk. 


Games are one of the easiest ways to break the ice on Stereo. 

To start a game, start your own talk. Once you’ve started, tap the title of your talk, select “Games”, and choose which one to play. To play a game, you’ll need at least four participants.

Here’s how they work: 

Who Am I?: find out who you are by asking yes-or-no questions. You can be anyone from Marilyn Monroe to Bugs Bunny, but only your partner can see your true identity. 

Buzzword Buddies: join a team of two and describe/guess as many words as you can in 90-second rounds. 

Mafia: Detectives and citizens must figure out who is Mafia before they get eliminated

  • Detective — Your main goal of the game is to investigate players, find the Mafia and convince citizens without being exposed
  • Mafia — Your main goal of the game is to eliminate as many citizens as possible without getting caught
  • Citizen — Your main goal of the game is to survive and catch the Mafia before they eliminate you and your fellow citizens