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Living With Doctor Luvspell
🌧Welcome to Purple Wet poetry ☔ Lounge 💦Come and Join the under the Sea 💦Sex, Wet and Wild Magically Delicious ASMR💙ICEBREAKER GAME💙💜This is my real life not an internet 📘 persona 💜The Purpose of pain BKS coming soon 📓💜Advocate Living with Chronic Pain/Sarcoidosis💜ASMR💜Cooking💜 How i deal with my Depression💜📓My experience with Relationship Abuse/Mental Health💜 Can be Serious/Funny💜 Dedicated to Bernie Mac RIH💜#GODCHILD #Dyslexic #gapekolaid #ADHD #Bajangurl🇧🇧 #purplerain #love #purpleSkies #purplefairy 🙏🏾12 years in pain🙏🏾 I support & luv everyone until you show me who you really are XOXO I have that magical purple fairy dust sprinkle on you Do not feel sorry I Am blessed and highly..... I do not own the rights to these music favored...Purplesnowkeflakeluv PAIN GROUP COMING SOON..... #FLAMES FAM🔥 🙏🏾 REAL LIFE🌈 REAL PEOPLE #Royal Fam🦄 A Vlog of my life on stereo #DMX #Navy🙏🏾 😍 IN A RELATIONSHIP😍
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