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Cool Little Sister
I love cool conversations. Let's get it in. Out here killin' the πŸ—£ talk game with my CLEAN TALK SQUAD!!! (CTS) Align. I ❀ GOD 😍 πŸ™
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Jun 27, 4:00 PM
CTS: How can you know where you're going ...
CTS: We've come a long way. Thank you, Jesus.
25 β€’ 02:40:45
Ask Personer, a true Christian
18 β€’ 12:02
Next G Youth Morning Thoughts
71 β€’ 02:23:33
CTS:The Gospel of Jesus Christ
29 β€’ 01:36:56
Next G Youth Morning Thoughts
38 β€’ 01:37:46
CTS: GOD will help you, even when you grumble.
23 β€’ 02:15:18
Next G Youth Morning Thoughts
20 β€’ 01:02:21
CTS: Less of me and more of YOU.
3 β€’ 16:16
Open Talk
14 β€’ 21:47
CTS: It's all in the introduction.
4 β€’ 13:57

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