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DR Brock Morrison
Always ready for a ROAST. 💢75 % of all Money from here on stereo goes to a💢 non profit to educate people on physical and sexual child abuse💢......Just a Guy trying to live this thing called LIFE🌏 . Iam a 👊Martial artist & 🎤Comedian Also the best thing a Stay@ 🏡 DAD. #funny #roast #trending
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Jun 29, 5:00 PM
Life After Lockup
Open Talk
24 54:01
Open Talk
4 04:31
Benny Boom Air! I shit you not! Hey now! GFY!
8 01:48
Open Talk
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Open Talk
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Open Talk
80 05:04:12
Open Talk
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86 47:23
Life After Lockup
16 01:08:33
Julia Michaels addresses her haters: 'Eat a bag of worms'
35 50:54

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